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Zooo - animal lamp


Have you always dreamed of having a pet giraffe? Of not having to feed your bird? Of connecting your cat? Of a rabbit that doesn’t whiff? Gone’s has done it for real. Now it’s your turn: assemble the ‘Zooo’ lamp, switch it on and its animal light will suffuse your interior.

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Inspired by her big sister the Fève lamp, every pet of the Zooo is mounted without glue and screw.
It’s in a playful spirit that its 18 wooden parts fit together in order to illuminate your interior.

The Zooo range is produced in France. His wood is a stained poplar plywood from sustainable european forests.

Zooo dimensions: 
Cat: L34cm x W15cm x H27cm / Bird: L28cm x W17cm x H18cmRabbit: L28cm x W15cm x H23cm / Fish: L28cm x W15cm x H20cm

Zooo packaging dimensions: 
Cat: L35cm x W22cm x H9cm / Bird: L35cm x W22cm x H9cm/ Fish: L35cm x W23cm x H9cm

E14 – max 20 W LED/CFL | 220 - 240 V 50-60 H

Electric textile cord (transparent switch and plug): White

Weight: 500g

Photophores dimensions: ∼L10cm x W9cm x H6.5cm 
Photophores packaging dimensions: L10.5cm x W9.5cm x H7cm 

Weight: 250g


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