Creations with a story, elegant, colorful, singular, clean lines of Scandinavian design but so French by their technicality, natural materials, an eco-friendly design, made in France, and that’s not too bad at all.

Our values

Above all, our products are born out of a combination of our style and values.

Thanks to Marian's training in both Finland and France, the collection is fully 'Franco-Scandinavian' and is as technical as it is refined - think about the best-selling Fève lamp!

All collection is 'made in France', but that's not due to excessive nationalism, it is just a geographic issue - we are French, and we manufacture locally, not 8460 km away from our workshop!

The earth: the choice of our partners, of our materials and of the manufacturing techniques we use... we take care of our planet so we strive to be sustainable at each moment.

Should design be reserved only for the elite and snobbish ? We say that it shouldn't! Let's have fun , design is for everyone!

This is what we will try to show you every time, with our blog, news, and social media platforms. In brief, we will be complete transparent!


Gone's créateurs frères Dumontet

Hadrien, the older brother (on the right), Marian, the younger brother (on the left)

Gone's is a story of brothers, above all else - two guys from Lyon, who decided to go under the heat of the Marseille sun in early 2013, and create their own collection of nice everyday items. After more than a year of researching partners to find those who were just as motivated as us, of highs and lows, of relentless work, of sleepless nights... Marian's drawings began to become real.

About us

A designer trained in St Etienne, Lyon, Strasbourg and Helsinki (in the Ilkka Suppanen studio, the famous Finnish designer, ), he won various contests in France and abroad and began to attract attention from people and from his big brother, who thought that maybe, together they could create something great.


Not so much artist as an amateur of design, after studying engineering and then at the prestigious HEC business school, he ditched a promising career in management (everything else except his wife) for Gone's and his brother



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