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Toupie - wall clock


When a spinning top tells the time it’s possible for midday to be at 2pm.
Nine on the right, and 3 on the left, the top makes light of time, so why can’t you?
Don’t panic though, once a balance is found the numbers will go back into place !

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65,00 €

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The Toupie clock is a nod to the passing time. Its shape and function plays with time for an object that is both poetic and functional. The two wooden technical parts turned by a craftsman allows easy access to set the time and every battery change. Its concrete dial creates a perfect mineral / vegetable contrast.

The Toupie clock is produced in France. His wood, manufactured by a french wood turner, is a natural maple from sustainable european forests. His clock dial is make in our workshop with in a 100% mineral concrete. 

Toupie wall clock dimensions: Diameter 14cm / Width 4.5cm

Poids: 300g

Power supply: AA (LR6) battery

Photophores dimensions: ∼L10cm x W9cm x H6.5cm 
Photophores packaging dimensions: L10.5cm x W9.5cm x H7cm 

Weight: 250g


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